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Tangible Data

Our solution, Tangible Data, allows to eases data use within your company !

Our wishes:

  • – Speed up decisions making
  • – Boost operational efficiency
  • – Modernise businesses expertise
  • – Develop predictive models
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Tangible Data


Tangible Data : The solution to give access to data and modernize businesses
Manipulate/Analyze : From simple manipulation of data to a complex one, we ease the access and the understanding to data. Data phygitalization enables users to easier manipulate and analyze data.
Visualize : Tangible Data to quickly visualize data. Your software can generate specific visualizations to improve exploration.
Share : Tangible data enables to export a detailed report with the possibility to display results on a webpage.

la solution pour rendre la donnée manipulable par tous les métiers

Data is nowadays dropped by businesses

A huge quantity of data, and data volumes are exploding.
Less than 0.5% of data is currently used.
Data are badly structured, badly divided and inaccessible!
A lack of data scientist and no much communication with businesses.
No adapted tool dedicated to data analysis by businesses.

And yet, data treatment requires businesses knowledge.

Manipulate and analyze your data

Insert your data bases in an interactive object / Create a tangible exploration space for data.
Manage your data through adapted filters.
Use operators to analyze your data.

Tangible Data offers businesses a management tool.

Manipulate, Explore your data to analyze

Visualize your data with adapted visualizations to businesses

Visualize your data

Tangible Data gives a wide set of visualization: histograms, graphs, interactive maps…
Simple and adapted visualizations depending on analyzed data.

Tangible Data offers businesses a visualisation tool.

Share your data

Possible recording in an object.
Capacity to export actions, analysis and visualizations.
Sharing and display on a dedicated webpage.

Tangible Data offers a share platform for data.

Share the results of your data analysis with all your businesses collaborators

un produit et une solution adaptés à l'entreprise

An adapted product for companies

Software with filters, operators and visualizations.

Hardware with tangible manipulation and connected object for a better exploration.

Accompanying in collaboration with data scientist and businesses needs.


Ease up data use within your compagny.
Speed up decisions making.
Boost perational effectiveness.
Modernize businesses expertise.
Develop the creation of predictive models.

faciliter l'usage de la donnée au sein de votre entreprise
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